Courtney + James

Life brings people into your world for a reason, it places them in the exact time you were meant to meet. With these two it was destiny from the start. Courtney and James met on a party bus, I remember her calling and tell myself and a few girlfriends about a cute boy she met, from there it was history. I was HONORED when she asked me to shoot her wedding, we had been friends for almost eight years and been through some amazing times together, of course I said YES! Ceremonies are always beautiful but this one brought tears to my eyes as I watched my friend marry her best friend.

Venue Paradise Cove
Dress Calvet Couture Bridal
Hair & Makeup About Face Design Team
Floral Events by In Bloom
DJ Our DJ Rocks
Getting Ready Grand Floridian Villas
Car Exotic Limo Orlando

Dustin + Justin

Let me just start by saying this isn’t an advertisement blog or anything fancy. It is just some words about two lovebirds that I had the pleasure of capturing when I first started my business. These photos were taken on my Canon Rebel in automatic, I charged $30 and I barely knew what I was doing.

These two embraced me with open arms and we had so much fun, I went to their home and we walked their property taking photos and talking about our lives. At the end they tipped me more than what I charged them, we exchanged hugs and went on our ways. There was no judgement, no awkwardness, no hate, just a new photographer capturing a happy couple.

I wrote this on my personal page about a week ago and I stand by it:

“I am an ordinary person, I am not rich, nor do I care to be, I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I am a daughter, mother, business owner, employee, wife, a complete nut case half the time, a podcaster, a friend but most important a HUMAN. Sometimes that word is lost and I think it is important to come back to it especially with what our country is experiencing. At night I like to write my feelings down like a twelve year old, especially after a long hard day like today. So tonight I thought I would share my thoughts.Being human means just that you are human, you make mistakes, you are different from everyone around you, and you have your own thoughts and opinions. For those of you that have met me, or know me, know that I am a very happy care free, for the most part, person. I enjoy the simple things in life. I read so many things on social media and the internet that just makes me wonder if people have lost their way and need to remember the small things that make us human. Like baby kisses, or sunshine on your face, or just a smile from a passing stranger on the street. That stranger has no idea who you are or who you VOTED for, and honestly I don’t think they would care or even think about it in that small moment, but that smile may have made their day. So much hate and so much violence, I am old enough that I know peace and love is a pipe dream at this point, but I do believe that being kind is something that is taken for granted. Trust me, I voted and I have my opinions and thoughts but isn’t that what living in this country is all about? I don’t push them on others, I have friends who voted for the opposite party and am able to have a civil conversation with them and I respect them, I think it is great they have a different opinion than myself because that is what makes the world so unique. It’s what makes us HUMAN. My goals and reality are going to be different from others and I’m ok with that, I just hope others can learn to smile at that stranger passing by them again because I want my girls to grow up and be strong women but I want them to be kind and appreciate the great things in life, not be angry and bitter. I will continue to raise them the best I can as my parents raised me, I will continue to love those around me with everything I have and make sure that I stand up for what I think is right but in a way that does not hurt, and I will most defiantly start smiling at people that I don’t know, because that is the simple world I will always want to be apart of.”

Lets stop judging and just love each other, the world needs to become a better place. Also LOOK how cute these two are!

Ashley + Alan

Vierra Courthouse Elopement 11/13/20

To celebrate my first year of business I wanted to give back to a couple so I did a GIVEAWAY! To enter you must be eloping and within 2020. Ashley + Alan won the giveaway and I am so grateful. I had some amazing vendors contribute as well to make their day extra special. I got to meet Ashley at Nicole Maree Bridal where she was able to try on an amazing dress and take a picture with her little ones in front of the I said Yes to the Dress sign.

On the morning of November 13th make up artist Michelle went to Ashley’s house to get her dolled up for her day. I picked up the bouquet from Pelley’s Petals and headed to the courthouse. We met outside with Ashley, Alan and Alan’s father and went into the courthouse to sign the marriage licenses. Fun fact, the lady that married these two love birds also married Alans dad, how fun is that! We all laughed and made some jokes and then Ashley her mom and I snuck off to the bathroom to get her in her dress! (Alan had no idea she had a wedding gown). Time to get married, they said I do right in front of the courthouse with their two kids and immediate family.

After the ceremony, we went all went over to the park where Ally with A Picnic Affair catered a perfect picnic for the family. As they popped champagne and ate some finger foods, Ashley + Alan headed over to a private corner to read their vows. November 13, 2020 was a great day not only for this family but for myself as well, Ashley and I hit it off right away and if I ever get some spare time I cannot wait to hang out with her again. The perfect day for the perfect couple.

THANK YOU TO ALL THE VENDORS THAT DONATED THEIR SERVICES. I hope to be able to do this every year on Just Peachy’s anniversary.

Photographer Just Peachy Photography
Wedding Dress Nicole Maree Bridal
Hair + Makeup Make Up by Shelly
Flowers Pelleyspetals
Picnic A Picnic Affair
Invitation Flourish Creative Designs

Sydnee + Kyle

Well, lets just say these two and I were meant to be friends! Sydnee found me through social media and we have been chatting for months now. When we first starting discussing the wedding she had no date or venue yet but was set on booking me for her wedding. Once they decided on the major details we set an engagement date and it was SO MUCH FUN!

We met up at The Enchanted Forest in Titusville, FL. Sydnee steps out of the car looking STUNNING! Kyle greets me with a hug and off we go into the forest. Sydnee immediately starts sweating (LOL), Kyle and I ensured her she still looked perfect and I promised to edit the sweat off her face!

We decided that it was best to change outfits and get into something comfortable and either way they were the prettiest couple, but you could tell they were more themselves in jeans and and a linen shirt, which I absolutely love! Now after chatting about life Kyle mentioned he had some extra passes to watch the shuttle go off that night and invited Jacob (my husband) and I to come along with them! I was so excited and honored. So I went home, found a babysitter and all four of us had a date night with sandwiches and alligators (you had to be there) while experiencing something most people don’t. History took place that night while FOUR astronauts went into space and thanks to this amazing couple we were up close and personal to watch it happen! So enough about that wait till you read how these two love birds met!

“We met in a bar, the first weekend in January 2018 after New Years. 😂 I was out with friends as their DD and he was out with his friends as their DD. He approached me and asked if he could buy me a drink. We laughed that we both were drinking water. Well later his friend came up to me and told me his friend thought I was cute and I should talk to him. Anyway I joked that he was a terrible wing man. Kyle came back up and sat and talked to me and asked if he could give me his number and I told him no that he would ask for mine. A week later we went on our first date and then spent every single day together until he left Utah and got out of the military in February 2018. Then in May 2018 we both moved to Cali. Then we left Cali in June of 2019 to come here and got engaged in Feb 2020.”

Stay tuned for more, SO excited for March to watch them tie the knot!

The End… for now 🙂

Desarae + Patrcik

Venue Ever After Barns – Indiantown, FL

These two! What a perfect couple! I am so excited for March, but for now I’ll leave you with these sweet words and this beautiful gallery.

From the Bride,

“They say when you are not looking for something that is when it will appear. That is exactly what happened between Patrick and I. He was a welder to a shop in the local business parkway and I worked at the restaurant just in front of him. Every time I went outside or to take a delivery, he would call to me and we would smile at each other. He spent about a year cat calling at me. Skipping forward, we went on adventures from drives in the woods and 2am boat trips to last minute trips to Daytona. We bonded and connected over our love for Disney. We decided after going on two trips within three months we would get annual passes. Once that happened, we were going every month. Our life together is just full of laugher and adventures. The holidays came rolling round in 2019 and we decided to of course go back to Disney. This trip was very special to me because we were going to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party for my first time. I was so excited, my favorite holiday at my favorite place! We met with friends drank hot coco and ate sugar cookies in the park (while walking around in Christmas mickey onesies). The morning of the event little did I know Patrick had a plan. This plan was to make my dreams all come true. While we were taking photos in front of the Cinderella Castle, he dropped down on one knee to asked me to marry him, in front of a whole crowd. Together we have 5 dogs and travel in our spare time. This is just the beginning of our story and I can’t wait to see where we end up next.”


Taylor + Matt

So excited for these two love birds wedding in November. Field Manor is the perfect place for this perfect couple. I hope you enjoy their love story as much as I did!

Venue Field Manor Events

From Taylor’s point of view.

“Way back in 2014 in my first semester of college and Matt’s second, we both took an easy A health class that neither of us planned on taking that seriously. It was a 7am class so I showed up half asleep and in sweat pants every day and Matt seemed to hang out with the kids who liked working out a little too much so I paid no attention to him. We had assigned seats in this class (yeah…even in college). Near the end of the semester, the teacher switched up the seats and Matt and I sat next to each other. We would do the usual polite hello and goodbye and mention that the workout was tough or easy that day but nothing more than that. Matt claims from the first day of class he saw me and thought to himself “I’m going to date that girl”. Turns out he played the long game. The week before our Final, I got a message on Facebook from Matt. I don’t think I had ever even told him my name before, apparently he looked at one of the papers on my desk and figured it out from there. He messaged me to see if I would want to get lunch after our final, and if not we could just chit chat on Facebook…the thought of Matt suggesting chit chat still makes me laugh. I agreed to lunch and we went on our first date the day of our Health class Final. The test was at 7 am and ended up taking us 30 minutes of the three hour time slot that was allotted. We couldn’t exactly go to lunch at 7:30 in the morning so Matt took me to a Rotary Park and we sat on a park bench and ended up talking for hours…once it was finally lunch time we went, still not having a moment to breathe because the conversation flowed so easily…we weren’t ready to say goodbye after lunch so he took me to the beach where we sat and talked until I received a reminder on my phone that I had a cake decorating class that night. I told Matt I had to go decorate a cake and he definitely thought I was crazy! He says he actually thought he had said the wrong thing and that cake decorating was an excuse for me to go home. He says that he was so relieved when I finally sent him a picture of the cake that I decorated that night at the class. The next day we went to a different park by the river in Merritt Island and star gazed, Matt kissed me that night and really after that the rest is history. We’ve been together for just about seven years now. We’ve been through college, the police academy, my internships, navigating what night shift as a Deputy Sheriff does to his sleep schedule, me finding my career as an Environmental Scientist, to saving enough to buy our first home together. Now we’re getting married and promising to each other that we will continue to work as hard as we have been for years to make the life we both want together and that we will continue to go to all of the parks by the water to camp, watch the sunrise or sunset, or star gaze together for the rest of our lives. It’s been an adventure so far and we can’t wait for all of the new memories we will have as the adventure continues.

SWEETEST WORDS EVER. I just adore this story, it makes my heart smile. I cannot wait fo you two to continue this story next month in a park by the water :).

East End Market Style Shoot

Orlando, FL

Alright alright! So excited to be apart of this shoot, thank you to the host and the amazing vendors that put on a perfect evening!

Indoor Glam Set Up:
Planner & Host: Overeasy Events + Angela Gallo
Photographer: Just Peachy Photography
Venue: East End Farmers Market
Invitations: Flourish Creative Designs
Decor + Florals: Ava-Elise Event Decor And More
Cake: Michael Anthony Cakes
Event Rentals: Gathered Rentals + Events
Signage Lettering: Lettering by Leann
Plants & Decor: Palmer’s Garden and Goods
Linens: Connie Duglin Specialty Linen
Catering: Cuisiniers Catering + Events
Artwork: Real Rock Demarco

𝐂𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐭𝐲𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐎𝐮𝐭𝐝𝐨𝐨𝐫 𝐒𝐞𝐭 𝐔𝐩:
Planner & Host: Overeasy Events & Angela Gallo Photography
Photographer: Just Peachy Photography
Venue: East End Market
Cake: Daisy’s Delights
Mobile Bar: Bubble Buggie
Decor & Florals: Ava-Elise Event Decor and More
Event Rentals : Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
Stationary: Flourish Creative Designs
Event Rentals: Gathered Rentals + Events
Signage Lettering: Lettering by Leann
Plants & Decor: Palmer’s Garden and Goods
Linens: Connie Duglin Specialty Linen
Catering: Cuisiniers Catering + Events
Dress: Bone Hause Rentals
Tux: Friar Tux
Artistic Duo: L&G Live
Live Painting: Orlando Wedding Painter

Lauren + Joey’s Wedding

Venue – A Family Friend
Photographer – Just Peachy Photography
Catering – A Family Friend
Dress – Nicole Maree Bridal
Dress Alterations – Ciaras Alterations
Videographer – CC Video Productions
Flowers – Nadean King + Margie Primavere
Cupcakes – Tara Griffis

Let’s just start by saying COVID is a messy little virus. These two were all set to get married out in Satellite Beach on 8.1.20, well their venue closed down like the rest of the world but unlike some it never opened back up! There wedding date was less than a month out when Lauren texted me and said “Hey change of plans we are getting married at a family friends house because our venue isn’t opening is that ok?” Of course I said yes! It isn’t her fault. We chatted quite a bit over the next month and I went and visited the house, this place belongs in a magazine! It was absolutely breathtaking. Remember in the movie bridesmaids where you drive into the bridal shower and they give you pink lemonade? Well that is what I felt like driving up to the property, it was LITERALLY PERFECT. Here is the kicker, the owners built and designed it themselves which made it all more special.

I had previously met Lauren and Joey for their engagement shoot and Lauren and I had talked quite a bit about different ideas, (she is seriously the best), so as the day neared I was so excited to meet her family and friends. The wedding could not have been more elegant, tasteful and just all around one of the best days I have had the pleasure of photographing. All Lauren + Joey’s closest family and friends had come together to decorate, cook, and make the day that had been completely changed in every way the perfect day. O! I forgot to mention. there was a hurricane that was supposed to hit that day too, CAN YOU IMAGINE, well I feel like the big guy upstairs was looking out because the day was sunny and not a drop of rain. So back to getting ready, Lauren was as calm as ever and just so welcoming, it was almost as if I was in the wedding, we laughed, hungout, ate some food, and enjoyed every second of the day.

Now I have only met Joey a couple of times but the way he looks at Lauren is out of this world. I couldn’t help but snap to many pictures of his face when she walked down the isle, it was so heartwarming it made me tear up. During the ceremony they said their vows and went to pour the sand and unite when Joey knocked it over, don’t worry the best man was there to save the day as everyone laughed at the groom. After I do, happiness continued to surround the day, and two people became one.

Lauren + Joey, I truly believe you are soulmates and I am so honored you allowed me to be apart of your story.

Much love to you both,