Let me just start by saying this isn’t an advertisement blog or anything fancy. It is just some words about two lovebirds that I had the pleasure of capturing when I first started my business. These photos were taken on my Canon Rebel in automatic, I charged $30 and I barely knew what I was doing.

These two embraced me with open arms and we had so much fun, I went to their home and we walked their property taking photos and talking about our lives. At the end they tipped me more than what I charged them, we exchanged hugs and went on our ways. There was no judgement, no awkwardness, no hate, just a new photographer capturing a happy couple.

I wrote this on my personal page about a week ago and I stand by it:

“I am an ordinary person, I am not rich, nor do I care to be, I am not perfect nor will I ever be. I am a daughter, mother, business owner, employee, wife, a complete nut case half the time, a podcaster, a friend but most important a HUMAN. Sometimes that word is lost and I think it is important to come back to it especially with what our country is experiencing. At night I like to write my feelings down like a twelve year old, especially after a long hard day like today. So tonight I thought I would share my thoughts.Being human means just that you are human, you make mistakes, you are different from everyone around you, and you have your own thoughts and opinions. For those of you that have met me, or know me, know that I am a very happy care free, for the most part, person. I enjoy the simple things in life. I read so many things on social media and the internet that just makes me wonder if people have lost their way and need to remember the small things that make us human. Like baby kisses, or sunshine on your face, or just a smile from a passing stranger on the street. That stranger has no idea who you are or who you VOTED for, and honestly I don’t think they would care or even think about it in that small moment, but that smile may have made their day. So much hate and so much violence, I am old enough that I know peace and love is a pipe dream at this point, but I do believe that being kind is something that is taken for granted. Trust me, I voted and I have my opinions and thoughts but isn’t that what living in this country is all about? I don’t push them on others, I have friends who voted for the opposite party and am able to have a civil conversation with them and I respect them, I think it is great they have a different opinion than myself because that is what makes the world so unique. It’s what makes us HUMAN. My goals and reality are going to be different from others and I’m ok with that, I just hope others can learn to smile at that stranger passing by them again because I want my girls to grow up and be strong women but I want them to be kind and appreciate the great things in life, not be angry and bitter. I will continue to raise them the best I can as my parents raised me, I will continue to love those around me with everything I have and make sure that I stand up for what I think is right but in a way that does not hurt, and I will most defiantly start smiling at people that I don’t know, because that is the simple world I will always want to be apart of.”

Lets stop judging and just love each other, the world needs to become a better place. Also LOOK how cute these two are!

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