Well, lets just say these two and I were meant to be friends! Sydnee found me through social media and we have been chatting for months now. When we first starting discussing the wedding she had no date or venue yet but was set on booking me for her wedding. Once they decided on the major details we set an engagement date and it was SO MUCH FUN!

We met up at The Enchanted Forest in Titusville, FL. Sydnee steps out of the car looking STUNNING! Kyle greets me with a hug and off we go into the forest. Sydnee immediately starts sweating (LOL), Kyle and I ensured her she still looked perfect and I promised to edit the sweat off her face!

We decided that it was best to change outfits and get into something comfortable and either way they were the prettiest couple, but you could tell they were more themselves in jeans and and a linen shirt, which I absolutely love! Now after chatting about life Kyle mentioned he had some extra passes to watch the shuttle go off that night and invited Jacob (my husband) and I to come along with them! I was so excited and honored. So I went home, found a babysitter and all four of us had a date night with sandwiches and alligators (you had to be there) while experiencing something most people don’t. History took place that night while FOUR astronauts went into space and thanks to this amazing couple we were up close and personal to watch it happen! So enough about that wait till you read how these two love birds met!

“We met in a bar, the first weekend in January 2018 after New Years. 😂 I was out with friends as their DD and he was out with his friends as their DD. He approached me and asked if he could buy me a drink. We laughed that we both were drinking water. Well later his friend came up to me and told me his friend thought I was cute and I should talk to him. Anyway I joked that he was a terrible wing man. Kyle came back up and sat and talked to me and asked if he could give me his number and I told him no that he would ask for mine. A week later we went on our first date and then spent every single day together until he left Utah and got out of the military in February 2018. Then in May 2018 we both moved to Cali. Then we left Cali in June of 2019 to come here and got engaged in Feb 2020.”

Stay tuned for more, SO excited for March to watch them tie the knot!

The End… for now 🙂

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