So excited for these two love birds wedding in November. Field Manor is the perfect place for this perfect couple. I hope you enjoy their love story as much as I did!

Venue Field Manor Events

From Taylor’s point of view.

“Way back in 2014 in my first semester of college and Matt’s second, we both took an easy A health class that neither of us planned on taking that seriously. It was a 7am class so I showed up half asleep and in sweat pants every day and Matt seemed to hang out with the kids who liked working out a little too much so I paid no attention to him. We had assigned seats in this class (yeah…even in college). Near the end of the semester, the teacher switched up the seats and Matt and I sat next to each other. We would do the usual polite hello and goodbye and mention that the workout was tough or easy that day but nothing more than that. Matt claims from the first day of class he saw me and thought to himself “I’m going to date that girl”. Turns out he played the long game. The week before our Final, I got a message on Facebook from Matt. I don’t think I had ever even told him my name before, apparently he looked at one of the papers on my desk and figured it out from there. He messaged me to see if I would want to get lunch after our final, and if not we could just chit chat on Facebook…the thought of Matt suggesting chit chat still makes me laugh. I agreed to lunch and we went on our first date the day of our Health class Final. The test was at 7 am and ended up taking us 30 minutes of the three hour time slot that was allotted. We couldn’t exactly go to lunch at 7:30 in the morning so Matt took me to a Rotary Park and we sat on a park bench and ended up talking for hours…once it was finally lunch time we went, still not having a moment to breathe because the conversation flowed so easily…we weren’t ready to say goodbye after lunch so he took me to the beach where we sat and talked until I received a reminder on my phone that I had a cake decorating class that night. I told Matt I had to go decorate a cake and he definitely thought I was crazy! He says he actually thought he had said the wrong thing and that cake decorating was an excuse for me to go home. He says that he was so relieved when I finally sent him a picture of the cake that I decorated that night at the class. The next day we went to a different park by the river in Merritt Island and star gazed, Matt kissed me that night and really after that the rest is history. We’ve been together for just about seven years now. We’ve been through college, the police academy, my internships, navigating what night shift as a Deputy Sheriff does to his sleep schedule, me finding my career as an Environmental Scientist, to saving enough to buy our first home together. Now we’re getting married and promising to each other that we will continue to work as hard as we have been for years to make the life we both want together and that we will continue to go to all of the parks by the water to camp, watch the sunrise or sunset, or star gaze together for the rest of our lives. It’s been an adventure so far and we can’t wait for all of the new memories we will have as the adventure continues.

SWEETEST WORDS EVER. I just adore this story, it makes my heart smile. I cannot wait fo you two to continue this story next month in a park by the water :).

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