Venue – A Family Friend
Photographer – Just Peachy Photography
Catering – A Family Friend
Dress – Nicole Maree Bridal
Dress Alterations – Ciaras Alterations
Videographer – CC Video Productions
Flowers – Nadean King + Margie Primavere
Cupcakes – Tara Griffis

Let’s just start by saying COVID is a messy little virus. These two were all set to get married out in Satellite Beach on 8.1.20, well their venue closed down like the rest of the world but unlike some it never opened back up! There wedding date was less than a month out when Lauren texted me and said “Hey change of plans we are getting married at a family friends house because our venue isn’t opening is that ok?” Of course I said yes! It isn’t her fault. We chatted quite a bit over the next month and I went and visited the house, this place belongs in a magazine! It was absolutely breathtaking. Remember in the movie bridesmaids where you drive into the bridal shower and they give you pink lemonade? Well that is what I felt like driving up to the property, it was LITERALLY PERFECT. Here is the kicker, the owners built and designed it themselves which made it all more special.

I had previously met Lauren and Joey for their engagement shoot and Lauren and I had talked quite a bit about different ideas, (she is seriously the best), so as the day neared I was so excited to meet her family and friends. The wedding could not have been more elegant, tasteful and just all around one of the best days I have had the pleasure of photographing. All Lauren + Joey’s closest family and friends had come together to decorate, cook, and make the day that had been completely changed in every way the perfect day. O! I forgot to mention. there was a hurricane that was supposed to hit that day too, CAN YOU IMAGINE, well I feel like the big guy upstairs was looking out because the day was sunny and not a drop of rain. So back to getting ready, Lauren was as calm as ever and just so welcoming, it was almost as if I was in the wedding, we laughed, hungout, ate some food, and enjoyed every second of the day.

Now I have only met Joey a couple of times but the way he looks at Lauren is out of this world. I couldn’t help but snap to many pictures of his face when she walked down the isle, it was so heartwarming it made me tear up. During the ceremony they said their vows and went to pour the sand and unite when Joey knocked it over, don’t worry the best man was there to save the day as everyone laughed at the groom. After I do, happiness continued to surround the day, and two people became one.

Lauren + Joey, I truly believe you are soulmates and I am so honored you allowed me to be apart of your story.

Much love to you both,


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