Lake Louisa State Park
Clermont, FL
March 25, 2020

It is always the best feeling when you get to be apart of your best friends wedding festivities. These two are near and dear to my heart as I have known Jen for over T E N years, that’s a decade of putting up with each other and we still love one another! Jen and I met in college and ended up being roommates, the stories are endless for us so I won’t get into that but I will tell these two lovebirds story. 

Jen is very modest so I will put this out there she is a DOCTOR, she graduated with her degree in Veterinary Medicine, from University of Florida and after a couple years of working back home was ready for a new adventure. In 2017 her and her two pups (Roxy + Teddy) decided to move to New Jersey where she took a new job, moved to a city she had never lived in, battled SNOW (which if you are from FL you know how weird that is for us) and met Greg! I remember talking to her on the phone and she mentioned this guy she met about a week after she moved in a bar. Of course I was skeptical but I was excited to hear more: 

“It was so natural and easy falling in love with one another, as if we were unknowingly just waiting for the day our friends would eventually set us up. I met Greg at al local bar among friends and we have been exploring together ever since. It was just so effortless, we both are adventurous and LOVE the outdoors, but more importantly we are so silly and comfortable with one another. We bought our first home in Jersey and are fixing it up together around our backpacking and hiking trips. Last year Greg proposed in the White Mountains on Mount Lafayette while hiking the Pemi Loop trek, of course I said YES!”

I remember her calling me when she got engaged and I was over the moon for her! I knew the day was coming soon but you just never know when! I told her I would take their engagement pictures when they came back down to FL in February. Her and Greg both HATE getting their picture taken so I practically had to force them (haha). We decided to meet half way between our homes in Clermont, FL at Lake Louisa State Park. My mom came with me that day as well because she wanted to see Jen and meet Greg! We had SO MUCH FUN, once we got Greg past the initial you have to smile stage (LOL) we explored the park and found the coolest “Glamping” tent by the campground. Since they are adventurous we all had no problem sneaking in and capturing a few shots! The tent was amazing we couldn’t believe how cool and conformable the park made it (See photos). 

A storm was rolling in so we had to hurry it up and snapped a few quick pictures on the top of the hill with the clouds coming in. Of course I had to get some with me and Jen for documentation :). I cannot wait to stand next to her in October this year. Jen I absolutely love you and Greg welcome to our nutty little family!

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