Cape Canaveral National Seashore
January 22, 2020

Hannah + Evan
Hannah + Evan

Social Media is a beautiful thing in this world. We all have our doubts about it but for a small business, like mine, and sweet love story’s like the one I am about to share, it really puts our day in-age in perspective for you. As you have read I am all about my small town in Titusville, FL, sure I like to adventure to the city and maybe take a trip up the coast line, but home truly is where the heart is. That brings me to my engagement session with Hannah + Evan, here is a peak inside Just Peachy. 

Hannah’s mom found me on a local hometown page nearby and she immediately reached out asking if I had March 14th open, I sure did! I was at dinner with some friends and she asked to call me, I responded with my number and told her to text me and I would call as soon as I was on my way home. After dinner I gave her a call and she was so excited and in full on Wedding Planning mode for her daughter (Best Mom Award Right Here), she informed me they just got engaged and would be getting married in a very short two months! We went through all of the business aspect and chatted for a few minutes about life and weddings before we ended the conversation and confirmed her photography package for her daughter. 

Fast forward a few days later, Hannah texted me and said they were in Gainesville and coming down Sunday for engagement pictures, I was very excited to meet them and thanks to Social Media I already knew what they looked like (in a non creepy way). We met at the National Seashore and drove back on a dirt road on the water, as I was driving back and them following behind I realized how strange this must be for someone who has no idea who I am! After we hit the perfect spot I introduced myself and we discussed there life together and then started taking pictures. The spot we stopped at was small and I only felt a few photos were needed there, so I had scoped out a couple other places on the seashore and told them what I found. Hannah loved the idea of the railroad tracks, she said it fit her rustic style for her wedding, so away we went. 

On the tracks we talked more about their wedding, and can I just saw how BEAUTIFUL + SWEET this couple is, I told them they reminded me of barbie and ken! Evan was a good sport as Hannah and I looked and laughed at all things Pinterest, he went along with all the pictures we wanted to take and laughed at us when we got excited about certain poses. Once the session was finished I wanted to know more about them as I was going to be an important part of their big day and I like to get to know my clients, as they turn into friends. Story below from Hannah :). 

Social Media + Christmas Break

“How I met Evan is kind of a funny story. My Family moved to Florida in 2016 and the summer of 2017 a mutual friend of ours posted a picture of me. Evan thought I was cute (duh!) and followed me on Instagram. I followed him back but we never talked! I was home visiting my family from South Dakota where I was going to school for Thanksgiving and my parents were giving me a hard time for not dating anyone. I mentioned how handsome Evan was to my mom, and my dad overheard and came into the room telling me that Evan was asking about me at church. I got super excited and then he told me he was kidding, funny and embarrassing moment. I went back to South Dakota and added Evan on Snapchat trying to hint at him to talk to me but to nervous to make the move myself. Christmas break rolled around and he responded to one of my stories about my dog Mouse. We chatted a little and then he asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with him. I got so nervous and said no. My excuse was that I had to go shopping with my mom and grandma for Christmas. That day I was bored and regretted my decision so I reached out and told him I was free to go to the beach the next day. I got so nervous I said to my mom I couldn’t go because what if he was a murderer?!? (LOL). Well turns out he wasn’t, we spent the day at the beach talking and getting to know each other. Then we went and got pizza and he kissed me that night! We spent everyday that Christmas Break and we have been together ever since. For the first six months of our relationship I lived in South Dakota and then in May 2018 I moved to Gainesville to be closer to him. On December 30th, 2019 he proposed to me in St. Augustine and the rest is history!”

So there you have it, Social Media Love. Please follow along for updates on their wedding in March. Can’t wait to share with you all. 

Much Love, 

Shannon Malarik 

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