Chuluota, FL
May 17, 2020

Sam + Derek have defiantly been through the ringer when planning a wedding. 

I met Sam through a mutual friend at a Christmas party, she booked me for her wedding in March and everything was set to go! COVID – 19 as we all know hit with a bang in March and then the world just shut down. All event gatherings canceled, social distancing in full effect, who would of thought a pandemic is something we would all experience in our lifetime. 

They planned on doing a very SMALL (10 people) ceremony at a family friends house, again everything was all set. BOOM family members were in quarantine and once again had to cancel. Can you imagine? 

We made it through March and April, when Sam called and said “ok we are doing this, can you be there”. I of course said I wouldn’t miss it. On May 2nd, Sam + Derek officially tied the knot, and it was intimate and perfect, just like their story. 

“They say you find what you’re looking for when you least expect it, and that stands true for Derek and I. We had known of each other via mutual friends but never anything more than a name. One Saturday afternoon I casually called my friend to see if she wanted to hang out as I was wrapping up some errands in comfy clothes. She told me, “I’m going to a concert in a few hours with some friends, we have an extra ticket it’s $40 and you have to be here in 20 minutes so we can leave.” I was 10 minutes away from her I turned my car around and met her at her friends house…. Dereks house, to get dressed in whatever extra clothes she had and to go to the concert. We took two vehicles to the concert, Derek being in the other vehicle, I told Dana, “you know that Derek guy is kinda cute.” We arrived at the House of Blues and as we we’re approaching the bar I heard someone yell, “SAM! What do you want to drink?” I responded with a smile and shouted back “Yuengling!” That someone was Derek and the rest was history from that day on. We purchased our first home in 2018 and continued our love story with our two beautiful baby girls. We constantly count ourselves blessed as we weren’t looking for love but found the truest kind of love in each other. A lifetime isn’t long enough to love Derek but I know these years will be the best years that this life has to offer as long as he is by my side.”

Well if that isn’t the sweetest thing you have every heard I don’t know what is. These two were amazing and I am so happy I was able to capture their day! I cannot for November where they will be able to celebrate with ALL of their family and friends. COVID -19 has not been easy for anyone, but it has made us all a little bit stronger. 

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