August 11, 2020

I have no idea where to start with these two, so I guess I will make a short story starting from the beginning. I met Kayla through work F I V E years ago, we immediately became friends, like it was meant to be <3. Over the past five years I have watched her and Tyler grow as a couple, from finding careers, buying a home, getting engaged and now about to welcome a sweet little boy into this world. When you meet these two you realize just how perfect they are for each other. 

Last week we took these photos out in Geneva, FL where Kayla + Tyler grew up, literally the next day she sent me a picture with a ring on her finger and I immediately jumped out of my seat. I always knew they would get married but in my mind they pretty much were already without the paperwork. Here is probably the cutest, backwards story I have ever heard. 

From Kayla’s point of view. 

“I was shopping at Sams and decided to go look at rings because Tyler always wants to know what I like, I immediately saw this one and face-timed him. He LOVED it and said buy it right now, so I did! It wasn’t at all what you would expect me to pick out and he couldn’t believe I chose it either but for some reason it just jumped out at me. 

When he got home from work of course he wanted to see it, I dropped it on the floor and told him he had to pick it up because I was to pregnant to. As he got down and picked it up I looked at him and said “do you have anything you want to ask me” (HAHA), and that was it! Simple, not traditional, and so us.” 

Talk about original. I cannot wait for next year to watch you both say I do in front of all your family and friends, but more importantly I C A N N O T wait for you to bring baby Steele into this world so I can meet and give him lots of cuddles! Love you both so much. 


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