Hey Everyone! We are Shannon + Jacob! Florida Costal Photographer + Videographer. Going on a decade together and raising our TWO little girls, (Lyla + Joni) with faith and courage. We are lovers of all nature, kind people, and anything that has to do with the ocean. Both of us are small town people and enjoy the simple things in life.
Warmth + Barefeet is where it is at!

A note from Us 🤎
On your wedding day we are there for you, whatever you need, timeline, a loud announcer, wipe chairs down from a summer shower, hold your dress for you, literally what ever you need. It is your day and that is precious, nobody is perfect but your day should be.”
S +J


We are so awkward what if we don’t know what to do?
Don’t you worry you and your special someones awkwardness is what makes the pictures so amazing! It allows your character and personality to come out.

How do we know what to pose?
I got you! I will make sure to pose you and have pictures to show you in case you are confused, I am here to make you feel comfortable and laugh with your partner.

How do we know where we want to do our shoot?
I will make sure to throw out lots of options and we can narrow it down once you decide where you want to go! I always like my couples to think about what location means the most to them, it could be where you had your first date to your favorite place to be together, wherever it is it will be perfect.

How many photos do we receive? Also can we have the RAW photos?
You will receive an unlimited amount of photos, I do not limit them. If you would like the Raw, absolutely yes you can have them just let us know!

How long before we receive our photos?
Weddings timeline is 60 days, this allows us to take our time and make sure we give you the best quality photos and video that we can!

Do you use a lot of photoshop?
I do not like to photoshop who you are, my images are very raw and filled with your beautiful faces, I don’t believe in changing the way one looks. I love that everyone is different and those imperfections you find in yourself are what makes you perfect to me!

The Gram